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What is Email Marketing Exactly?

28 Nov

Well, I’m being doing research about email marketing and why this is that much potential service for any industry and any level of business stability. With the my hard time of learning thing magical theory was challenge full without proper knowledge about how and what is based for email marketing.

Email Marketing is one of the kick-ass old school marketing practices still makes market dominates sending and receiving  emails real-time. 98% of online users are have subscriber to one either email newsletter which is B2B or B2C such as Facebook notification, security alerts, discount coupons or branded fashion updates and also with my research that I could give out the real-time email penetration happens nearly above 98.03% in any industry. 59% businessmen check their emails every single minute for any sort of update or related information and this the turning point when come to email marketing when targeting corporate clients to buy your product or services without spamming them, this is why still email marketing standing out alone with all other traditional marketing platforms.

With the new market trends that shows there is increasingly by 28% of email subscription happens every single month due coming different prototype of online services. So in my point of view on investing email marketing is cheaper than advertising on paper hence you cannot segment the audience that you’re actually targeting at first point to engage in your advert. You have heard of email marketing repeatedly on the internet, at conferences and during marketing strategy meetings. They say email marketing enriches business communications, targets specific key markets industries, and is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Await for the part 2 of this article. Till that checkout our other post that will help you to learn about digital marketing.

D.M Mohammad Shakeer

As you go about creating new customer engagement programs and direct marketing packages for your brand, look for opportunities to give rather than to get. Whoever makes the first kind gesture, as studies show, tends to gain the most.

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