Who we are

Connecting You Globally

We are not your average agency. We’re relatively small in comparison to the bigger agencies, but just because we’re small doesn’t mean we think small or act small. We’re big on experience and even bigger on ideas.

Our Story

Orix Marketing is one of Sri Lanka’s famous ongoing marketing organization that is unified and constantly evolving in the business world. For the past 8 years, we have maintained an extensive track record of successful service, in which our strength lies in situating individuals services and skill set at the highest level of discovering capacity bringing them multiple benefits whilst helping them achieve their goals.

A common question is “Does digital marketing add value?”. Launching your business online nowadays is fundamental. The advantages of being online are properly understood when you see just what a website can accomplish for you. For example, a website allows clients to see your product or service from anywhere around the world. A site never rests; it is open all day, every day! Whether you are totally new to the web or you already have a site that seems to fail in meeting expectations, we can help you.

Here at Orix Marketing, we serve your every need in creative digital spaces. Our team is spirited, driven and skilled creating a strong foundation on which we build. In Marketing and Website Development, we have a key blend of strategic outlining, graphic art, creative showcasing and written content. Our inventiveness and energy for mixing innovation with usefulness separates us from other corporations.

You can utilize our inquiry structure to contact us which will in turn let us help your organization to reach your aim in digital marketing aspects.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to create a mark in the world and raise our business to operate globally providing solutions in the digital media field.

Our Mission.

At Orix Marketing, we help clients connect with consumers who dream of being connected, seek the best products and services, or manage their finances with the advice of professionals. Our combination of web solutions and digital marketing agency services drive revenue and profitability by making businesses “top of mind” for discerning consumers.