Shopify for Business


Our team has been practicing and enabling the global e-commerce technology to Sri Lankan’s with experience of handling and customizing Shopify web development for your business idea. Our extensive knowledge of liquid coding for Shopify is a unique feature that allows our team to deliver high-quality e-commerce stores to clients in Sri Lanka. Shopify development is the one and online solution for your business which is runs in Sri Lanka or internationally, we are ready to take off your project with hands-on experience.

We help businesses to run and develop their stores from time to time with the latest premium features that enable the store owners to make revenue with our marketing expert advice. Orix Marketing team are well experience in digital marketing and digital platforms to use in your e-commerce businesses which enable to enhance the online visibility. Overall your Shopify project or development in Sri Lanka is much affordable comparing globally recognized countries charges are high compared to ours. As we care about development lucrative environment to our Shopify clients to retain more profitable with fewer expenses by Starting your Shopify store development in Sri Lanka with the cutting-edge e-commerce solutions for your business.

Shopify is the best and globally recognized ecommerce solution suites your online business to have passive income with your idea.