SMS Mobile Marketing or Campaign

Orix Marketing is a chief advertising technique that demonstrated above all else these adaptable contacts are isolated by, Town and Industry. We are the pioneer SMS Mobile Marketing Company in Sri Lanka with a proven track record of subscribers with massive SMS Campaigns. We also happen to be one of the prestigious companies in Sri Lanka to Introduce SMS Marketing in Sri Lanka.

Find a plan thatโ€™s right for you

Choose from a range of SMS Marketing or Promotion campaigns packages to fit your business if it is based in Sri Lanka and we also do have international target SMS Marketing packages that suites for hotels, hospital, tourism, academic and many segregated industries that suit your business.

Sri Lankan Database

SMS marketing Sri Lanka, to increase customer engagement, raise average order values and build a vibrant, exciting brand, you need to start your SMS marketing journey today with Orix Marketing with cost-effectiveness based on your budget.

We encourage you to promote your business by SMS marketing where that you will reach potential subscribers randomly selected subscribers which are the mix of Chief Executive Officers, Managing Directors, Managers, Doctors & Lawyers, Other Professionals, Senior & Junior Executives, Investors, Importers, Exporter, Students, Housewives, etc from all networks over 7.5 million mobile numbers Islandwide.