Creative Studio

As an innovative marketing agency, Orix Marketing  strategically addresses brand development and communication challenges through a comprehensive approach to creative thinking and design. Our expertise spans sign design, brand design, typographic design, and editorial design. Our diverse team of designers, hailing from various countries and cultures, adeptly tailors their work to resonate with target markets, employing the right codes and tone. Additionally, our agile work mode ensures prompt delivery, meeting the dynamic demands of the corporate landscape.

We meticulously approach graphic identity by crafting a graphic and editorial eco-system that is not only rich, coherent, and relevant but also designed responsively. While maintaining a robust identity, our designs seamlessly adapt to various mediums, ensuring a consistent customer experience across diverse messages, targets, campaigns, and communication channels. Our strategic thinking extends beyond the traditional print/digital divide, encompassing all facets of brand expression within a unified brand platform and territory.

The synergy between graphic design and editorial design is a hallmark of our work, resulting in materials that are not only coherent but also highly relevant.

Our global approach ensures that form and content are seamlessly integrated, allowing messages to be conveyed through a compelling narrative and image.

Graphic design, as a transformative force, elevates and refines information, providing fresh perspectives and enriching content with a distinctive vocabulary and graphic universe. Paired with graphics, information is dynamically presented—through computer graphics or illustrations—rather than traditional text.

Motion design emerges as an effective tool to enhance your brand image, products, or concepts, whether on social networks, your website, or large screens at events. This film format, comprised of animated titles, visuals, texts, or characters, expertly communicates ideas or concepts in an aesthetic, modern, dynamic, and educational manner.

The rising popularity of motion design animations extends to presentation films, music videos, commercials, and training films.

Our audio-visual production studio breathes life into words. From scriptwriting to image capture, production of reports and interviews, video production and editing, motion design, and post-production, our video production team is dedicated to imbuing corporate messages with meaning, emotion, and depth.

Our creative team is ready to collaborate and elevate your brand’s presence.

We guide you in developing ideas and transforming projects into compelling visual narratives. Our studio seamlessly integrates motion design and special effects. Depending on your needs and budget, we mobilize skilled technicians for each image profession.

As your video partner, we support clients comprehensively in the design, creation, and distribution of corporate videos. Collaborating on the formulation of acquisition strategies based on video content, we define campaign targets and allocate budgets across various channels (YouTube, Facebook, Google, Retargeting, etc.). Upon creating ads, we launch campaigns, integrating all video content.

With a commitment to a return on investment (ROI) approach encompassing lead generation, web traffic, and notoriety, we manage campaigns daily. Our continuous analysis of performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) allows us to optimize campaigns, delivering clear, actionable reports on campaign and video effectiveness.

Creative Studio

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