As a media and digital advertising, marketing agency we thrive deeper in exploring the what would be the best possible advertising solutions in Sri Lanka and how we can use it.

Here are top advertising services that bring the charm to any businesses using hoarding advertising, tv advertising, outdoor promotion, led screen outdoor broadcasting, paper advertising, and other advertising segmented as ATL, TTL or BTL in Sri Lanka, where that business stand out in the right place with the combination of digital era, digital marketing is one of the famous ways to reach the public fingertip which make more inkling of outdoor advertising operations, media buying, and planning platform for television advertising. It enables businesses and brands to advertise on television in a simple, safe and efficient manner.

Picking the right season for TV advertising is very crucial. This helps one with increasing their audience reach a price suitable for their TV advertising budget. i.e. Advertising in the last minute during a festive season will ensure higher prices, clutter and limited audience viewership, whereas advertising during off-seasons such as (May, June, July, and November), will help one fetch better rates if it falls relevant to their business strategy.

¬†Among all advertising agencies in Sri Lanka, Orix Marketing provides the best personalist and tailor-made service with premium support 24×7 hours around the corner. As the reputed media agency in Sri Lanka, we are responsible to handle, manage, report and invest on right media where clients win the game. This is the game of advertising and art of maximizing the client retention as we cater sme to large enterprises.



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