Advertising agency with ability of media agencies like us Orix Marketing in Sri Lanka help companies to maintain advertising management, and procurement of media inventory to make sure that the availability to publish or air your advertisements on all your selected list of tv channels in sri lanka. As this very high risks job roll and not a single person can handle such inventory without a minimum of 3 years’ experience but at Orix Marketing, we are specialized in stocking up your media spots to maximize the sales in Sri Lanka for nearly 08 consecutive years successfully. Advertising agency and media buying and management are one of our core business models apart from our digital marketing solutions to reach out beyond the traditional media.

media buying and planning sri lanka

As Orix Marketing has experience in planning and buying multi-media and multi-market advertising campaigns, promotions development and creative production assistance. Media planning and buying is the process of strategizing, negotiating, and purchasing ad placements, or “inventory.” When planning what inventory to purchase, planners must take into consideration the product being advertised, target audience, and campaign goals by understanding the audience segments required by the client.

Our media planners identify which media platforms would best for you to advertise a service or product before buying media spots for inventory. Our media planners will benchmark the numbers of viewers from the population in Sri Lanka that views your advertisement. We work independently when it comes to outside advertising agencies or media planning and buying agencies for them to enable their clients to maximize the impact of their advertising campaigns through the use of a range of media suggested from our specialized expert’s media buying and planning for right advert placement on media. We strongly believe our white-label outsource solutions for your agency will help to meet your client’ requirement very professionally and the job of media planning is to determine the best combination of media to achieve the marketing campaign objectives.

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Our tv channel advertising solution for all tv channels and white-label media agency solutions for small agencies or international ads agencies.