If you are to looking out for advertising on any kind of media. Whether traditional strategic media like television, radio, press campaigns, hoardings, or led screens, and digital strategic media like social media (facebook, twitter, Instagram, and other names to be), email marketing, SMS marketing, display networks, paid digital banner ads, youtube advertising, and other related.

We are Orix Marketing, who has the experience, and the capacity executing ambush marketing strategic campaigns Islandwide to enhance the exposure. We help any political party or any candidate while maintaining very good, and confidentiality of campaign strategies. We believe in first come first serve to build a quality relationship in the business.

Our solutions are very tailor-made according to sponsoring parties, and the campaign strategies are developed with the storyboard of succeeding the target audience psychologically. Our unique way of approaching to Sri Lankan Citizens are mesmerizing where we owned 12 million of Sri Lankan mobile numbers for SMS marketing, and 100+ demographics for youtube google ads or facebook instagram political campaign with those targeting.

Political SMS Marketing, as we mentioned above paragraph that we owned 12 million and above mobile numbers Islandwide, and the most prominent examples of SMS political marketing of Sri Lanka has given several lessons on how to use digital spaces to create strategies, and change the voting. But perhaps, the most powerful test for applying the concept of marketing in the area of political marketing is by examination of the applicability of consumer behavior concepts to the area of voter behavior. The reason for this is that the consumer orientation of marketing has made consumer behavior concepts the focal points of marketing.

If you are to start promoting or advertising your political candidate we are the right creative and media ads agency to give the push. And we make sure that our clients will benefit the maximum reach through are strategic solutions on your campaign.