With the amplification of the digital world which penetrates most of the search queries using main search engines like Google and others to search potential services or products by users around the world immersively. And many traditional businesses around the world slowly moving to online marketing while developing in-house and outsource SEO optimization to rank on their targeted keywords.

Benefits of ranking on search engines like Google helps businesses to drive quality traffic and leads which can convert to million dollar client who can improve your revenue with expotential profits using SEO. If you are looking out to rank your money making keywords on Google.

Search engine optimization — SEO — may seem like alchemy to the naive. But there is a chemistry to it. Search engines reward pages with the right combination of ranking factors or “signs.” SEO is about ensuring your content produces the right type of signals.


Basic SEO Factors:

  • A Secure and Accessible Website
  • Page Speed (Including Mobile Page Speed)
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Domain Age, URL, and Authority
  • Optimized High-Quality Content
  • Technical SEO
  • User Experience
  • Links
  • Social Signals
  • Real Business Information

Advance SEO Factors:

  • Direct website visits
  • Time on site
  • Pages per session
  • Bounce rate
  • Total referring domains
  • Total Backlinks
  • Total referring IPs
  • Total follow-backlinks
  • Content length
  • Website security (HTTPS)
  • Total anchors
  • Keyword in anchor
  • Keyword in body
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword in title
  • Keyword in meta
  • Video on page

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